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Michael Maloney Interview

Dina Petty interviews teacher and author Michael Maloney on the subject of illiteracy. Michael discusses the problem of illiteracy, the warning signs of your child’s poor reading skills and how his method addresses this serious issue. Learn more about the Maloney Method at



Dr Amy Hulson-Jones

Fantastically proud moment. Dr Amy Hulson-Jones in small group celebration following her successful viva (26 February, 2014). PhD supervised by Prof. Richard Hastings and Dr J. Carl Hughes.

rh amy carl

claire carl amyAnd above with Dr Claire McDowell (External examiner).

Ver proud moment again.

Dr Emily J. Tyler

Fantastically proud moment. Dr Emily J. Tyler in small group celebration following her successful viva. PhD supervised by Dr J. Carl Hughes and Prof. Richard Hastings (who sadly could not join us here today).Emily PhD

From left to right, Beverley Jones, Prof. Pauline Horne, Bethan Mair Williams (BCBA), Dr J. Carl Hughes, Dr Emily J. Tyler, Dr Mike Beverley, and Amy Hulson-Jones.

Very proud moment.