Direct learning program can work in NT: Minister

Direct learning program can work in NT: Minister.


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My apologies to all, but I sustained a significant hand injury that prevents me from posting at present. I will be back writing as soon as I can.


Nice to see talk again of  personalised mastery or competency-based education (CBE).

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Journey with brownie by MQ Naufal Journey with brownie by MQ Naufal

Recently I had the privilege of being a Reflector for the Center on School Turnaround’s webinar, “Journey to School Improvement: The Personalized Mastery Approach”, an informative conversation about the challenges faced at Carl Sandburg Middle School (home of the Pretzels!), in Freeport, Illinois. The discussion, held with school, district, state, and regional leaders, focused on how to produce school-wide improvement in a small-town school with a large achievement gap, and how it might work for the rest of the district and the state.

Their solution? Personalized Mastery.

Personalized mastery is model that allows students to progress as they demonstrate mastery of academic content, focusing more on demonstrating “competency” and not how much “seat time” is spent in class or school (for more information see this comprehensive policy paper on personalized mastery by the Re-Inventing Schools Coalition). Whether it is called personalized mastery…

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