Learning Channels As An Aid To Learning.

Learning Channels As An Aid To Learning.



            When we are teaching students new skills or reviewing skills that they already have learned, we rely on information based on learning channels. Each learning channel has an input and an output. There are many different kinds of each. Eric and Elizabeth Haughton pioneered much of the work on learning channels in the 1970’s.

Learning Styles

This work was attempting to add clarity to what was the emerging notion of “learning styles” a phenomenon which became very popular with teachers and parents at the time. People talked about being a “visual learner” or an “auditory learner” as the main way in which they processed information.

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The intriguing Condition Change Line

The intriguing Condition Change Line.

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7th most downloaded article from the European Journal of Behavior Analysis

Love this post from Dr Rick Kubina on the Facebook page of the Standard Celeration Society (SCC)

Checking out information this morning I came across the “Top 10 most downloaded articles for the European Journal of Behavior Analysis.” At number 7 an excellent article by colleagues of ours:

J. Carl Hughes, Michael Beverley, & Juliet Whitehead
Using Precision Teaching to Increase the Fluency of Word Reading With Problem

Nice work colleagues!