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Intro Part 1: Effective Education for Children

According to some educationalists, children have the right to an effective education (Barrett et al., 1991) and parents have the right to expect the best education for their children. Children therefore need to be provided from their early life with the best education possible through the best teaching methods available.

For this to happen methods of education must be based on sound, scientific evidence (Carnine, 2000; Kozloff, 2005). Furthermore, teaching practices must follow research proven methods that are based on evidence-based practice and validated and refined through practice-based evidence (Brusling, 2005; Carnine, 2000). Whatever the political debates about whether effective educational practices are regarded as civil rights, clearly there is little argument over whether educational practices should be as effective as possible given the current level of investment and resources within a society. But wait, there’s more!


First series of blog posts

Hello reader (and I probably mean reader in the singular),

Just a brief post to inform you that during the first series of posts, I will be setting the scene for future blog postings by discussing education in general.

Then I will  begin to describe effective interventions that are available to address some of these educational problems.

As the site develops, I can then spend more time going into detail by expanding on particular points; however, I consider the best way to ensure clarity is to start with an overview of the area.

If during this process you have questions or comments, please send them to me.

I will add some favourite quotations of mine in the interim period, but the first blog post will be available from Monday 6th January. Over the following 4-5 weeks I will post every Monday around 11:00am Greenwich Mean Time.