Why the terms “Noncompliance” and “Off task” Should be Permanently Stricken from the Vocabulary of all ABA Professionals and Students

Yes Indeed. Thoughtful post on ABA vocabulary

Behavior Bigmouth


If you currently work or study in the field of applied behavior analysis, chances are that you actively use the terms “noncompliance” and “off task. If you haven’t used them, you have at least been exposed to them. “Noncompliance” and “off task” are not behaviors and those terms should be permanently stricken from the vocabulary of all ABA professionals and students.

Join me on a trip down memory lane to a simpler time, free of the stress that comes from submitting behavior plans to insurance companies for approval. Let us journey now, back to a time before you knew how to break a line in the behavioral graph and did not have to be vigilant in your tireless efforts to avoid dual relationships. Try to recall your formative years as a student of ABA. Try to visualize yourself back in the days when you were a budding baby analyst not…

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