The 7 Habits of Super Hero Teachers (Superpowers 2 & 3)

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The Glint Blog

This is the second of a series of posts on “Super Hero” teachers, and what it might take for anyone to become a super hero for students.

Superheroes…, those larger than life beings with special powers who beat tremendous odds to make great things happen, saving the world along the way. We love our superheroes and their extraordinary ability to help individuals, all of us, live a better life in a better world. For some, what’s missing from being a Superhero Teacher are a handful of distinct skills and techniques that any educator can learn and use, creating a world where every child comes to school eager to learn, able to learn, with teachers eager and able to teach. That’s the kind of world Superhero Teachers with these special powers can create. Habit, or superpower 1 was High Rates of Real Reinforcement. So what are the habits 2 and 3 of Superhero…

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