Attention tech firms: How to fail with humans

Another interesting blog post from Allison from The Glint Blog

The Glint Blog

A blog post today from Rick Hess in many ways states the obvious, that “getting ed tech right isn’t about bandwidth, devices or cool graphics, but about solving problems for students and educators.”  Hallelujah. Many of us have experienced the “hype” of various educational “innovations”, and when technology is part of those, the hype seems to move more quickly from a murmur to a shout.  Technology offers such promise and potential, it’s hard not to get excited that these tools, whether they have to do with instruction, assessment, or even the logistics of running a school/district/SEA.   Fail with humans

Yet technology, of course, is a tool for human beings: for teachers, leaders, students, parents.  Used one-by-one and in the aggregate, it must be used, be used well, and ultimately have an impact on critical levers for all human behavior and the systems in which they reside: Capacity (able to do more, do…

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