The “New Normal”: A game-changer for teaching and learning?

Another enlightening post from The Glint Blog. “Clinical practice for teachers.

The Glint Blog

Early in our nation’s history, there was no such thing as compulsory education, nor formal teacher education.  That changed with the introduction of “Normal Schools”, two-year teacher preparation programs that, in time, largely changed again to state universities with education majors, among other choices.  At today’s SXSWedu , there was talk of not only the current limitations of much of our teacher preservice education, but also about new approaches that hold promise for the profession and, we hope, outcomes for kids.   The movement, consistent with a report from NCATE, is to integrate more, and more ongoing clinical practice throughout the course of teacher education.  No more Miss Johnson coming for the final 10 weeks of her teacher ed program to my 4th grade class to teach us a unit on Japan (although she was spectacular).  That’s so yesterday….so 1970’s.  (Hey, I’m not afraid to date myself!).VT-Road-Marker-1st-Normal-School-Concord


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